The Best Choice for Inground Pools

Concrete seems like the classic choice for swimming pools. However, with more than 60 different shapes, sizes and depths to choose from, a fiberglass inground pool from San Juan Pools & Spas in Pekin is often the right choice for families here in the Midwest and beyond.

Why Choose Fiberglass Inground Pools
There’s a reason why fiberglass inground pools are in high demand these days. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

1. Less Maintenance
Weekends are meant for spending time relaxing in and around the pool – not cleaning it! Research has shown that owners of fiberglass inground pools spend an average of 30 minutes each week maintaining their pool while concrete pool owners may spend precious hours doing the following:
  • Vacuuming the pool
  • Scrubbing the bottom, walls and stairs
  • Adding chemicals
This is largely because fiberglass pools are algae-resistant, meaning that algae and other pesky organisms can't stick to the surface of your pool. Because of this, the water in your pool doesn't need to be circulated as frequently, saving you on utility costs.

2. Fewer Repairs
When well maintained, San Juan fiberglass inground pools are 17 times stronger than concrete thanks to their unsurpassed all-weather flexibility. Regardless of changes in climate, soil or earthquakes, our multi-layered hand-laid fiberglass will expand and contract to adjust to the changes in the environment.

3. More Fun
Fiberglass inground pools are also less expensive than their concrete counterparts (meaning you can spend those savings on fun pool and spa features!), and they take significantly less time to install in your backyard. Our satin smooth 32-mil gel-coat finish is soft on the feet, and our 25-year structural warranty means that you can enjoy stress-free pool ownership.

San Juan Pools is the largest fiberglass inground pool manufacturer in North America because of the elegance and integrity of our pools. Experience the San Juan difference and explore your fiberglass pool options by visiting

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