Pool Closing

Pool Closing

San Juan Pools & Spas provides expert pool closing and swimming pool winterizing services. We will send out a professionally trained pool technician to close (winterize) your swimming pool. We have decades of experience in the pool industry and will help you get your pool properly winterized for the winter.

Simply fill out the form below and we will contact you very soon to schedule your pool winterizing service.

We do not open/close above ground pools.

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    Pool Closing Packages

    Basic Closing $420:

    Shut down and drain pool equipment, install standpipe(s), remove water from plumbing lines, install antifreeze, install winter chemical kit, remove ladders and handrails.

    Schedule Your Pool Closing

    Please select above your earliest desired week of closing.

    2nd Choice: 1 week later

    3rd Choice: 2 weeks later

    Please be sure to include all additional costs associated with your pool. Any necessary items or water features you forgot will be opened/closed and billed according to the prices listed.

    Terms and Conditions

    San Juan Pools will open/close your in-ground pool according to the items selected on this contract.
    Pool opening / closing does not include diagnosis or repair of major failures. All needed repairs will be noted and the customer will be notified by one or more of the following methods.

    1. If the customer is home at the time of the pool closing the service technician will note the needed repairs and give the customer a handwritten account of said repairs.
    2. The customer will be notified of the needed repairs via the phone or email you provide on this form.

    *Price quotes and scheduling of these repairs will be handled at a later date.

    Water removal: If San Juan Pools is required to remove water from on top of your cover or from your pool in order to perform the opening/closing we will charge $50/ half hour.

    Chemicals:Pool openings and closings only include our standard chemical kit.

    San Juan Pools carries a full line of chemicals, however, it is impossible for us to stock our service vehicles with a full line. In light of this, if you have specific chemical needs please visit our store, or include a note with your pool closing or opening contract so that we may do our best to suit your needs.

    Spa Closings: San Juan Pools will record photographic proof that the spa is empty. San Juan Pools is not responsible for freeze damage to spas due to leaking or damaged covers that allow water in.

    Sales: All sale prices on chemicals and accessories are valid in store only!

    Scheduling: We will do our best to accommodate you on the dates requested. Contracts will be scheduled in the order contracts are received. If your choices are filled when we receive your contract, San Juan Pools will contact you for alternate times.

    Cancellation: San Juan Pools reserves the right to cancel this contract in the event of non-payment. The customer may cancel this contract at any time before the date of completion by calling San Juan Pools service dept. at 309-692-0292 or by e-mail sanjuanservice@gmail.com

    Delays: In the event of sickness, inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, San Juan Pools may delay the completion of this contract. We will, however, do our best to accommodate you as soon as possible.

    Travel Charges: San Juan Pools reserves the right to charge travel / mileage charges of $2.00 per mile outside of a 40 mile radius from our store.

    Water features: If you have water features or accessories that you neglect to add to the form San Juan Pools will open / winterize them and you will be charged accordingly.